Jewelry Care Instructions

We use high quality gold filled and gold plated materials for our jewelry to be worn everyday. However, caring for the jewelry properly is essential to maintain its original quality for a long time!


Here are some tips on how to care for your jewelry:

1) Things to avoid while wearing your jewelry 

2) How to store your jewelry 


1) Things to avoid while wearing your jewelry

• Pools & Hot Tubs

Chlorinated water is very bad for your jewelry - it can ruin your jewelry almost immediately.


• Shower

If you need to shower with your jewelry, make sure you’re using mild soaps and shampoos and dry it/them afterwards.

**For gold plated jewelry we recommend to not shower as it can cause the gold plating to wear off easily **


• Sunscreen, Makeup, Perfume, Sprays, Oils, Cream and Lotions etc.

One tip when using those products is to put on/wear your jewelry after your skin gets dry and clean jewelry after usage.


• Sweat

Avoid direct contact with sweat (including salt water like the ocean!). It is a good idea to take off your jewelry before any workout.

**One’s own body chemistry can also be harsh. I.e. some people are more acidic than others or naturally sweat more than others.**


2) How to store your jewelry

• Wipe the jewelry with a soft dry cloth after each use and storing it in an airtight container or bag.


Sometimes your environment can cause the jewelry to tarnish easier. For instance, living in humid areas, etc.

In those cases, try to take extra care of the jewelry.