Why are Gold Medallion Necklaces & Gold Coin Necklaces so Popular?

Both gold medallion necklaces and gold coin necklaces have become increasingly popular over the last years! What makes these kinds of gold necklaces be so beloved? The answer is actually fairly simple and in this article we will answer those questions and take a look at different gold jewelry that we offer here at Ayou Jewelry.

Starting of, let's clear up the two terms to avoid any confusion. For the purposes of this article, a gold medallion necklace is the overarching term that describes necklaces that have a rounded pendant attached to the chain - like an ornament. Gold coin necklaces are therefore a type of gold medallion necklace, always circular and depicting a real or made up monetary coin design.


〜 Endless designs and ability to show your own creativity 


One of the main reasons why these kinds of gold necklaces are so popular is due to their variety. Gold medallion designs are basically endless allowing designers and companies to create their own designs and show their own creativity. Additionally, for wearers of the gold jewelry, they have likewise a large variety of designs to choose from enabling them to show their own personality through this fashion accessory. 

Gold medallion necklacesLeft : Hibiscus Necklace & Island Necklace, Right: Fiesta Necklace & Antigua Necklace


〜 Sentimental value to the wearer of the necklace - brings back happy memories 〜 


Let's look at a few examples of why we connect so well to these necklaces! Gold coin necklaces can have a very sentimental value to the wearer of the necklace. For instance, they may have traveled to a foreign country and fallen in love with it and wearing a coin necklace that has the design of that local currency, such as our Paris necklace, or some other local feature can bring back happy memories from their favorite vacation. I myself experience this as well and have named one of our gold jewelry pieces specifically due to its shape. 

Our Tuscany necklace, which has a textured surface reminds me of a trip to the hilly Tuscany region in Italy years ago. Every once in a while, when I want to think back to that trip, I specifically decide to wear this piece and remember this very special trip in great detail.

14K gold coin necklaces

Left: Paris Necklace, Right: Tuscany Necklace


Another very popular kind of gold jewelry designs include those with Zodiac symbols. Zodiac signs, which are astrological symbols given to time periods throughout the year, are frequently worn and selected for the time period in which you were born. 

Zodiac NecklaceZodiac Necklace


The great benefit about gold medallion necklaces and gold coin necklaces is that you as the wearer have the ability to find that special design that connects with you.

Left: Zodiac NecklaceLeila Necklace, Huntington Necklace & Laurent Necklace (Small Link) Right: Naples Necklace, Bighorn Necklace, Laurent Necklace (Large Link) & Leila Necklace


Take a look at our wide variety of gold necklaces and our ever growing product variety!

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